Ramos Roofing Project (Fort Worth)

Ramos roofing project
Ramos roofing project hail damage

Every year Texans like Mrs. Ramos are hit hard by hail storms that cause bruising, cracks and missing tiles which lead to water damage, high energy costs and even roof failure. When Mrs. Ramos was hit with a hail and wind storm in the summer of 2019, she called us to replace everything with a new Atlas system, with High Profile shingles and a full manufacturer’s warranty. She loves her new roof.

This is a close-up picture of the Atlas High Profile Ridge that we love to use. The ridge shingle takes a 1-1/2 inch nail but we use four nails per ridge shingle to be certain your roof is solid and will remain that way for years to come. Mrs. Ramos’ house looks amazing! This shingle is by far the best on the market and we can prove it!

Ramos roofing project ridge detail
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