Phoung Roofing Project (Cedar Hill)

Taylor roofing project

This is a birds-eye view of Mrs. Phoung’s steep and tall roof in Cedar Hill. We used the Atlas HP42 field shingles, Atlas High Profile Ridge and ice and water shields at all valleys and penetrations and around the two chimneys. We also replaced all of the gutters and downspouts. This a beautiful home with a beautiful new roof and a full manufacturer’s warranty. 

Steep and high roofs like these pose multiple issues when we’re planning out the details of the removal and the install. This particular home has many expensive shrubs, plants and flowers all over the property. Precautions are needed and safety rules have to be followed when completing a project of this size. We have to plan out and take into consideration all of these details when we attack the roof. With proper planning, the entire project went off without a hitch.

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