Landry Fencing Project (Dallas)

The client called us out to help with her fencing on the backside of the property. The front driveway that she had been using to turn into her home was off a major busy road (Mockingbird Lane). Therefore, our client wanted to start using her back alley entrance, but unfortunately, this was a tight turn which basically made this back entrance unusable.

We suggested that we remove the post that dictated the pivot point of where her car could turn into the back of the house. We removed the post, dug out a new anchor post and made the turn area much larger. We also added this cedar board on board with cap and trim (the trim boards added to the top of the fencing) to the commercial grade sliding gate.

Not only can our customer now turn into her home safely and not on a busy road but her entire property is secure behind a gate and fence. Our client couldn’t be happier. Sometimes with a little innovative thinking you can take what once was an unusable space and not only make it functional, but also make it beautiful.

Adding this gate and new fence has not only changed our clients’ way of life but her property value just increased as well. 

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I hired Community Construction to replace my old wooden fence and to add a privacy sliding gate. My driveway leads to an alley and the turn was super tight. Not only did they build me a beautiful and quality new fence but they...

Dallas, Texas

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