Anderson Roofing Project (Granbury)

Anderson roofing project - ridge

RIDGE — You are looking at the Atlas High Profile Ridge — the thickest, heaviest and best ridge on the roofing market. This ridge takes a 1-1/2 inch nail and we use four nails per ridge shingle. This ridge not only holds up the BEST to wind and hail, but your roof will be the best looking house on the block!

Anderson roofing project - top view

TOP VIEW — You are looking down on Mr. Anderson’s roof. We installed the Atlas HP42 and black metal valleys throughout the roof and finished with the Atlas High Profile Ridge. This roof system is the best insurance you can buy when replacing your new roof. The metal valley insures that there won’t be any water leakage.  The shingles are now rated to 130mph due to a six-nail-per-shingle application and four-nails-per-ridge shingle.

VALLEY —This is a black metal W valley. This valley is built up from the bare decking material. We strip all materials from the valley, down to the bare deck. We then install an ice and water shield product from the roof package manufacturer. We then install the W metal valley, The field shingles are cut 3-inch on center from the middle of the valley at the end of the process. The W valley with the protective ice and water shield layers underneath will give you peace of mind knowing that your valleys will not give way to the brutal rains, sun damage and extreme colds that we get here in Texas.

Anderson roofing project - valley
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