Storm Damage

Storm damage

1. Satellite dish damage 2.Large hail damage

We know that the constant storms in North Texas causing wind and hail damage to your home and property is the PITS! We understand, we live here too! And we want to help!

Since 2003, we’ve seen the severe damage that storms can do to a home — we know what hail, wind, lost granules and sun damage look like… and what they can do to your home. Once this happens to your roof, your home is susceptible to further, unforeseen damage. Water can get into these tiny spots on your roof and start to wreak havoc underneath the shingle. Scary!

Different kinds of storm damage

3. Multiple instances of shingle damage from hail  4. Hail damage to ridge 5. Fencing damage 6. Vent damage 7. Turbine damage 8. Versa cap damage | Other than the turbines you more than likely would not even know you had hail damage like this on your roof from the ground.

To help homeowners assess storm damage and avoid these slow but preventable catastrophes, our experienced and knowledgeable staff will walk you through a free no-obligation inspection. A roof is a significant investment — save yourself from having to invest in a new one by using a seasoned contractor who really knows what to look for. The idea that storm damage hit your neighbors house and missed yours is highly unlikely. If your neighbors are re-roofing their homes, you should call us right away! If you’re thinking, well, whoops, that was a few months ago, “I’m out of luck”… No! Insurance companies give homeowners up to a year past a storm to get their damage fixed.

This is your biggest investment, your greatest asset and your home! We want to help you protect your investment and be your contract partner for life! Which is why Community Construction offers a free property inspection a year after your project is completed and it’s why we set you up on an inspection program moving forward — to ensure that your roof is ready to weather each upcoming storm season. Don’t roll the dice, call Community Construction!

How can we help you?

Does your roof leak? Does it have hail damage or missing shingles? Your roof could be a quiet catastrophe in the making. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact our experts about your roof today! 

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