Wood Shingle Roofs

Wood Shingles Installations in Dallas Fort Worth

A timeless classic for commercial and residential buildings alike, wood shingles beautifully complement nearly all architectural styles. When you select quality cedar shingles and other wood materials for your roof, you elevate its appearance and add immense protection from the elements. Wood materials are durable enough to withstand heavy storms and other potentially hazardous weather conditions. Their robust construction ensures they stand up to the test of time as well. Though both practical and affordable, wood roofing just has undeniable charm that shines through and through.

Our professional roofing contractors can use their skills and experience to repair or rebuild your wood roof. We offer prompt repairs when problems arise and can put your full roof replacement projects on the schedule as needed. Our team can also complete the routine maintenance required to preserve the wood roof materials for the long-term. Through our personalized service and support, we aim to keep your commercial or residential property in excellent condition through the years. So, partner with us and receive the help you need in building and maintaining your perfect wood roof.

Give our team a call today to learn about the different wood shingles you can acquire for your residence or commercial property. We look forward to helping you complete your wood roofing project.

Quality Cedar Shingles Available in Dallas Fort Worth

Although cedar shingles are the most popular wood roofing material, you will find many other options on the market today. Across all varieties, wood shingles come in a wide array of attractive colors and patterns to complement your building’s exterior design.

The main types of wood shingles come in either naturally-split shake or cut styles. The wood shakes have a naturally uneven texture across the top surface, creating an interesting pattern across the roofline. Cut wood shingles, on the other hand, have a smooth surface that highlights the natural woodgrain.

With our help, you can reflect on the most important characteristics to narrow down your options for wood shingles. We can then help you plan the rest of your project and provide you with a detailed cost estimate. If you would like to move forward with the work, simply let us know and we will put you on the schedule.

Our team will always stand behind our work by sending out skilled inspectors to verify our build quality and dedication to quality service. We also offer a six-year Workmanship Guarantee on all the work we do for our valued clients. Give us a call today to start the discussion about your cedar shingles installation or other wood roofing projects.

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We are available to complete your wood roof repairs and installation projects in the Dallas Fort Worth region. Our team can help you figure out the details, including what type of wood shingles to use and how much to budget for the project. We invite you to give us a call at 817-774-1298 to learn about our wood roof replacement and repair services. Our team can put your repairs on the schedule or provide a free estimate for your consideration. Just give our team a call today to get started.

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