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Residential Roofing is where our companies main focus has been since 2003, this is our primary specialty. Your reroof project is major construction, do not take this process lightly. Our employees are highly experienced in the residential DFW re-roof business, allow our team to educate you and walk you through the process.


Specialty roofing is an alternative approach to ensure that your home is protected by the strongest materials that roofing manufactures can provide. These high-end roofs not only hold their value with the market, but you’re also protected by both a Class 4 Hail Resistant Warranty and a Fire Rated Warranty that further protects your home. You may even be able to save money through your current home owners insurance company.

Specialty roofing is quickly becoming the direction that many of our homeowners are choosing to go. There are many options for the specialty roofing side of this market that many homeowners are simply not aware of. Homeowners are typically only shown what is common or popular and sometimes that isn’t what’s best for their particular home. If you live in a rural area with high elevation and constant wind, you may need a smart alternative to a simple shingle. If it’s an enduring, sophisticated look that you’re seeking, we could show you some of the most durable and beautiful roofs on the market. If you’re tired of replacing roof after roof, maybe a stone coated steel product is the answer. When we say specialty roofing, we are talking about products like:

  • Stone-coated steel
  • Metal roof options
  • Polymer roof systems
  • Triple-laminated shingles (the heaviest on the market)

If you have ever thought about upgrading your roof to one of these specialty materials you’ve come to the right place. Since every roof isn’t designed the same, our experts can walk you through the many options, styles and protection levels and show you a few options that best suit your needs.


At Community Construction we specialize in SPF Foam Roofing with Elastomeric coatings. This is a great option for so many business owners! SPF foam is a 2 part chemical that starts as a liquid, once applied to the roof, it quickly hardens to a dense walkable foam. This creates a monochromatic roof system (meaning the roof now has no seams). Once the roof is completely coated and all aspects of the roof are checked for the correct coverage, we begin the first coat of Elastomeric. Here are the six primary advantages of a spray polyurethane foam roofing system.

  1. High R-Value
  2. Renewable Roof
  3. Quickly installed
  4. Self-Flashing
  5. Seamless
  6. Easy to maintain

Elastomeric roof coatings are used as a top coat for the newly sprayed SPF foam roof. Elastomeric will shield your new SPF roof from damaging uv rays. This top coat is used to restore, rather than replace, aged roofs. They are used to prevent leaks, provide reflectivity, longer lifespan, and other benefits for roofs already in place. Elastomeric roof coatings provide all these things for significantly less money than a complete roof replacement. Whether urethane, acrylic, silicone or another material, elastomeric roof coatings are used as a roof restoration option.

Once we are able to get on the existing roof, we can better supply our building owners with an option that best suits their needs. When we apply SPF and Elastomeric, there is no tear-off of the existing roof and there is very little down time or disruption of business. We can add a walk pad once everything is complete which will allow any mechanical workers access to equipment without damaging the roof. These systems come with a 15-year warranty and are sometimes up to 50% cheaper than traditional flat-roof systems. We have 3 field representatives that specialize in quoting these systems, contact us today to see what roofing is best for your business.


Residential fencing is a quick way to add value and privacy to your home. We use the best materials and install your new fence to last for decades to come. There are multiple ways to construct your new fence. At Community Construction we are happy to draw plans that best suit your style and needs. Ask us how we can further the beauty of your new fence with LED lights that add warmth, visibility and ambiance to your outdoor living space.

Our Step by Step Process

Replacing your roof can be a confusing and complicated task. That’s why we’ve broken the process down into four essential steps. You have to get the work done, so why not choose a knowledgeable and skilled contractor to get it done right? We only use the highest-quality materials for each project AND we use a portion of the funds from your project to help those in need within your personal community! A win-win for us! That’s why we are STRONGER TOGETHER!


We come to your house to complete a free no obligation roof inspection. We’re looking for hail damage, torn shingles, damaged turbines, gutters, window casings or even fence damage. If we see enough damage we’ll advise you to call your insurance provider.


Calling the insurance provider is the homeowners responsibility but we’re happy to help guide you through the insurance process. We start by meeting the adjuster on the roof during the inspection.


We’ll then work with the insurance adjuster to identify storm damage — on the roof, fence, interior damage or anything that is storm-related. Once approved, Community Construction will get to work repairing everything that your insurance company has deemed damaged.


On the job, we pride ourselves on our expertise, quality materials, execution and attention to detail. Once the work is complete, we’ll meet with the insurance adjuster one final time — this final inspection is vital to have done once the work has been finished.

Featured ProjectAnderson Roofing Project

RIDGE (Slide 1):
You are looking at the Atlas High Profile Ridge, this is the thickest, heaviest and best ridge in the entire roofing market. This ridge takes a 1-1/2-inch nail and we use four nails per ridge shingle. This ridge not only holds up the BEST to wind and hail, but your roof  will be the best looking house on the block!

TOP VIEW (Slide 2):
You are looking down on Mr. Anderson’s roof. We installed the Atlas HP42, black metal valleys throughout the roof and finished with the Atlas High Profile Ridge. This roof system is the best insurance you can buy when replacing your new roof. The metal valley insures no water leakage.  The shingles are now rated to 130mph due to a six-nail-per-shingle application and we used four nails per ridge shingle.

VALLEY (Slide 3):
This is a black metal W valley, this valley is built up from the bare decking material. We strip all materials from the valley, down to the bare deck. We then install an ice and water shield product from the roof package manufacture. We then install the W metal valley, The field shingles are cut at a 3-inch on center from the middle of the valley at the end of the process. The W valley with the layer of ice and water shield underneath, will give you peace of mind that your valleys will not give way to the brutal rains, sun damage and extreme colds that we get here in Texas.

We pride ourselves on our high quality, attention to detail, and excellent customer service. Community Construction has built a foundation of trust one client at a time.

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