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Questions about your roof? We know that replacing your roof after a storm or building a new deck onto your home can be a complex and confusing process — especially when it comes to insurance and financing.

But rest assured that with over 20 years of experience, our industry experts have the answer. We cover the most common questions below, but please contact us for a more detailed answer that addresses your specific project. We have the solution to your construction problem!

We are fully insured with a $2 million dollar policy.  So rest assured, that you and your home are covered.

Yes. On September 1, 2019 Texas State Law (HB 2102) went into effect. This law states that no homeowner or contractor can willingly or knowingly use insurance funds to pay for a homeowners insurance claim. The deductible is the full responsibility of the homeowner.

Eating deductibles, as it is often referred to, has never been a practice of ours as it is against the law and dishonest on the part of the contractor. Your contractor knows and maintains the laws within the construction industry, you, as a homeowner, should not have to, this is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure you are in right standing within the laws. This is why we have built Community Construction on integrity and have never been in the practice of eating deductibles. Let us leave you with something to think about, if your contractor is willing to lie to your insurance company what is to keep them from lying to you? We’re just saying…

Once the insurance company has left you the claim paperwork, we will sit down and discuss the entire process with you from beginning to end. The homeowner is only out the amount of the deductible per Texas Law. The only reason the homeowner should be out of pocket any additional money is due to a roof upgrade chosen by the homeowner.

No. The only time your rates increase is when a catastrophic storm hits. The rates would only increase if a certain amount of damage is claimed throughout multiple zip codes (which is a rare event).

No. By Texas law, we cannot “nail over” your existing roof. Years ago, this process was allowed, but due to the extra weight and fire hazard, it is no longer permitted. To have a full tear off and replacement is best. After we tear the existing roof off, we can expose the decking, check for rot and replace the decking where needed. Your insurance company is paying the contractor to tear off and replace, be careful of contractors trying to “nail over”, they are only trying to save a buck!

Shingles that are “impact resistant” are considered a class 4 product, and are designed to withstand high winds and hail damage. These shingles may be made of copper, aluminum, resin and plastic.

Shingles with the Class 4 rating have an impact resistance rating of UL 2218. The UL 2218 is the roofing industry standard for testing shingles against hail impact. There are four testing classes that use four different steel ball sizes that range from 1 1/4” to 2”. These steel balls are dropped at heights between 12 and 20 feet to mimic the impact of hail falling at high speeds.

The UL 2218 is currently the highest impact resistance rating. Aside from hail impact, these shingles can also withstand high winds up to 110mph.

In most cases, yes. When you pay an upgraded price for the Class 4 Shingles, you must remember that it will always hold its value. Anytime you upgrade your roof from a standard to a Class 4, your roof will now retain a higher value in the eyes of your insurance provider. You’ll also save money with your homeowner’s insurance (in most cases). When we install six nails per shingle, we can get you a manufacturer’s warranty of 130mph wind rating! ask us how this upgraded system would benefit you and your home.

Impact resistant shingles do cost more initially, but they pay for themselves in the long run. Typically, these shingles cost 10-20% more than their non-impact counterparts. That being said, they reduce a homeowner’s maintenance costs and may even prevent premature roof replacement.

Many insurers also offer discounts to homeowners with a Class 4 roof. This discount can also help offset the higher costs of these shingles.

Not exactly. The insurance companies are looking for a true roofing contractor (with insurance) to start and complete the work. The install part of the roof is also an extremely important factor. If the shingles, starter, ridge, accessories, etc., are installed incorrectly, the roofing manufacturer will not warranty the roof. Then there is also debris removal, clean up and final inspections to consider.

There are a lot of misconceptions and myths in the roofing industry and a big part of our process is simply educating the homeowner so they are better able to make informed decisions. If you have questions, let us sit down with you and explain the entire process from beginning to end.

Not true. Once the hail damages the top layer of the shingles, it’s only a matter of time before the leaks start. The top layer of the shingle is covered in granules, if the granules are destroyed by the hail, your entire roof is now compromised. In most cases, the insurance companies will only allow one year from the date of the storm to get the roof replaced. Remember too, the hail damage has probably damaged the fence, window screens, siding, paint etc. Please make sure that your roofing contractor of choice is able to repair everything that  the insurance has deemed replaceable.

The State of Texas passed a new house bill requiring homeowners to pay their deductible in September of 2019.  Texas has a bad reputation of “eating” the customers deductible, this is a bad idea from jump street. It’s a bad idea for a few reasons, it’s illegal, it’s dishonest and worst of all, your contractor that you’ve just hired, will have to cut corners on YOUR project in order to make a profit.

The contractor has to buy materials that don’t match — usually whatever materials are available at the cheapest price —and since the roof materials do not make up a complete roof system… there is no manufacturer’s warranty. Worse, the contractor has to lie to the insurance company by falsely stating that the deductible was paid, which of course it wasn’t.

As of September 1st of 2019, insurance companies are requiring proof that Texas homeowners have paid their deductible in full before proceeding forward with their claim. Homeowners have to remember that the “roof money” is not their money, it belongs to the insurance company. The homeowners’ responsibility is to pay the deductible, that’s it. The contractor of your choice will get all of the work done from that point forward.

Here’s how HB2102 is enforced: insurance companies can require reasonable proof of a deductible payment in full. If the deductible has not been paid, it counts as a class B misdemeanor for both the contractor AND the homeowner, punishable by up to 180 days in jail and/or a $2000 fine.

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Did you know that you should have your roof inspected at least once every three years according to The National Association of Home Builders? Here at Community Construction, we offer free annual inspections on the entire roof, gutters and any home maintenance needed for our customers. The weather here in North Texas is BRUTAL on your roof! We inspect for curled or cupping shingles, any torn or missing shingles and any current hail damage that may have occurred during the past year. Many homeowners don’t know the severity of a damaged roof and the costs that lead to the repairs if not replaced or repaired.

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