Modified Bitumen Roof

Dallas Fort Worth Modified Bitumen Roof

Incredibly durable and long-lasting, modified bitumen roof systems can protect your commercial building from the elements for years to come. Made from asphalt and flexible rubber materials, the modified bitumen roof installation perfectly hugs low slope rooflines. When professionally installed using hot or cold application techniques, this commercial roofing material creates a watertight seal. This helps preserve the condition of your roof for the long-term, protecting the integrity of your building and your bottom line.

Whether you need your modified bitumen roof system replaced or simply repaired, our team is always available to help. For over 20 years, we have served as the leading commercial roofing company in the greater Dallas Fort Worth region. We proudly support local business owners in maintaining and improving their commercial properties. Our team partners with all our clients, helping them realize their vision of the perfect roof for their building. When you come to us, you can trust that we will help you acquire or restore your modified bitumen roof system.

We would love to provide you with a free estimate to help you budget for your commercial roof repairs or installation services. So, give us a call today to share your vision and acquire the information you need to move forward with confidence.

Modified Bitumen Roof Installation in Dallas Fort Worth

You have many modified bitumen roof installation options to consider for your roof replacement project. Your roofing professionals can install your modified bitumen roof using a variety of application techniques.

Torch-down bitumen installations are the most popular option for most commercial buildings, however. During this installation, your roofing professional will use a propane torch to effectively melt together the edges of the modified bitumen roofing membranes. If torch-down application techniques are not visible for your roofing project, we can install this material using cold application techniques instead. Either way, we will create the perfect roofline for your commercial property, helping preserve its value and appearance.

We are also available to handle all the routine maintenance your modified bitumen roof needs to stay in fantastic condition. Our roofing experts can inspect the material for wear and tear, performing repairs before water starts leaking into your building. We will also look for signs of seam failure, repairing all the little problems we find along the way. With our support, you can keep your modified bitumen roof system in phenomenal conditions for years to come.

For a price quote on your Dallas Fort Worth modified bitumen roof installation and repair services, give our team a call today. Our team looks forward to the opportunity to improve your commercial property using this versatile and highly durable roofing material.

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