Elastomeric Roof Coating

Dallas Fort Worth Elastomeric Roof Coating

When professionally installed, elastomeric roof coating can extend the life of your aging rubber roofing materials. Instead of having to outright replace your roof as water leaks appear, you can have our team apply elastomeric roof coating to restore its protective surface. This coating can also boost the energy efficiency of your commercial building, saving you even more money in the long run.

When you choose our Dallas Fort Worth roofing company to apply the elastomeric roof coating, you will always receive personalized service and support. We will analyze your current roof design to determine if a coating would work well for your needs. We can then start the process of restoring the integrity of your roof materials with this innovative coating. Or provide you with other cost effective roofing solutions that would improve the function and value of your commercial property.

Our professional roofers always use the highest quality materials and application techniques to ensure the results exceed your expectations. In addition, we proudly back all our projects with our six-year Workmanship Warranty. Upon finishing your project, we send out our quality assurance inspectors to take a look and verify the job meets our quality standards — and yours, as well.

Give our team a call today to acquire your free estimate on elastomeric roof services and let us know if you would like to be put on our schedule. We look forward to starting your project.

Elastomeric Roof Services in Dallas Fort Worth

Elastomeric roof coating can only adhere to the surface of your commercial roof after it has been properly cleaned and prepared. Our Dallas Fort Worth roofing team always utilizes proven preparation techniques to create a suitable surface for the elastomeric roof coating.

While we perform this important service, we also check for any signs of damage in need of additional attention. We pay close attention to problem areas to help stop and prevent water leaking into your commercial building. All seams and fasteners receive an initial coating that helps them stay watertight in all weather conditions.

With the surface prepared, we can apply the elastomeric roof coating using a roller or sprayer, as required for your building’s needs. Our personalized service ensures all our clients receive lasting results that help preserve the function and value of their commercial buildings. Through our commitment to always using quality materials and proven techniques, we can prevent common coating issues, such as heat blisters.

Our team would love to provide you with a quote on your elastomeric roof services, so give us a call today. Our cost estimate will help you with all your budgeting needs to start your project out on the right foot. Once you have all the details squared away, just let us know when you would like to appear on the schedule and start your project.

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If you would like to restore the condition of your commercial roof without having to go with a full replacement, call our team at 817-774-1298 to talk about our elastomeric roof coating services. We can stop leaks and ensure your roof functions as it should by expertly applying this innovative coating. We only use proven coating solutions that restore the waterproof surface and provides lasting results. Through this cost-effective commercial roofing solution, you can keep your building in excellent condition year-round. So, give us a call today to protect your commercial building and your bottom line.

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